Monday, February 27, 2012

everything and more that we need to live by...

all 6 minutes and 44 seconds is filled with the most perfectly simple advice. 
i love my Heavenly Father very much
happy day!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


day 1: leave byu @ 6am & kendall almost missed it!! st. george- washington city center (snore), picnic lunch in the glorious sun (football sandwiches), st. george city hall, opera house and art museum (snore), temple (beautiful!), sloppy joes for dinz (surprisingly yummy), swimming at the washington center (watched gossip girl-holy blair and dan?! charlotte rhodes?! chuck and his scheme?! love!) then to the hotel in a lovely room with just us three...could not be more perfect!! boring day flip flopped with awesomeness thanks to ken dawg and melis!

day 2: wake up, solid continental breakfast then off to the biggest loser resort! so inspired, not to mention the hottest randy man who about melted all three of our hearts. tuacahn theater next was such a blast!! we frolicked around the stage, played dress up, gawked over the red rocks, and got a little hangry. after lunch we visited a hospital...
okay fun fact/experience in my life:
...There we visited the psychiatric ward to talk to their recreational therapist and it hit me, i realized that i need to change my major. when the crazy man answered the question "do you enjoy your rec. activities and why?" i found my self tearing up.  i want to be apart of what is the "only positive thing" in their life  currently and to be able to get their "stress channeled into having fun and being creative rather then wanting to hurt myself or take another hit." its in the same major but it is completely different then what ive been planning.  i had this overwhelming feeling that i need to be a therapist to delinquents, psychiatrics, troubled youth etc. for me personally, enhancing the lives of others through a simple hike, fun games, and other recreational actives is absolutely perfect! so, i need to change my major from leisure services to therapeutic recreation asap! ah crazy!
okay, back to our day! once we got to vegas we went to this recovery center (a step before prison) for people 18+ who either are criminals, crazies, etc. and here i got another confirmation that this is the kind of stuff i need to do. it was eye opening and something i have never ever seen before! then we settled into our 'hotel motel holiday inn' and off we went to hit the big city! the strip is sodom and gomorah's playground but if you turn away from all that ish...its the funnest place ever!! kendall, melissa and i romped vegas.  with limited time we went everywhere! to caesars, to the fountain show, to paris, to pizza, to wondering around lost in casinos, to serendipity (where we created 'serendipity babies' -melis) to power walks down the strip, to being hit on by drunken men, to swatch (kendall got the cutest watch ever!) to being on tv, and back to the bus! many many pictures later, we sit here in our hotel and talk about wonderful happy things! love these girls so much! and oh how hilarious has this trip been! stoked for what boring thing made into fun things tomorrow!

thursday morning (so so) thursday night (THE BEST!) the vegas speedway was hilarious! julie julie julie ...was our tram driver/tour guide and she was this 65 year old granny with far to much eye liner who drove like she was a nascar racer! holy moly did she take us for a ride! mine and kendall's hair were perfectly parallel to the ground! then we went to the thomas and mack arena, which was boringgggg. cool to go on the floor but the dude running the show was a just anther monotoned cocky businessman. another place we went to was las vegas events.  boy oh boy the owner of this company was too much to handle.  old man, covered in gold jewrely that wouldnt shut up about his brad pitt lookalike of a son or how he makes $500,000.00 trowing parties for steven spielberg or celine dion.  not to mention he books midgets to be thown on beds, nude piano players, monkeys to sat next to high rollers, he does "just about everything but prostitution." disgusting. then we escaped to melissa's house in boulder city for some home cooked nummies, showers, homework time and girl talk! it was heavenly to be in a home, in a kitchen and in a bed to myself!
waffles were served for breakfast and i may or may not have eaten two! back to the group for a few last stops! took some pictures with a lady from korea! then on the road we were, back to provo baby! the idea that we our in college on a field trip to sin city is something to 'lol' about! i can not believed i missed an entire week of school! but it was so so worth it cause i had the funnest time with kenny and melis and i figured out what i need to do with my life! yipe for fun little trips! have a great weekend everyone! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

two timin'

i have two jobs now!
today was my first day as the newest coach at a local cheer and gymnastics gym!
i get to coach little girls how to do straight cartwheels, back hand springs and do the splits!
i love my girls in my classes already!
im so excited to be the coach that i looked up to for my 11 years of cheer/gymnastics!
this is gonna be great, i just know it!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

a really really really fantastic day!

 february 11th, 2012 will go down in my record book for a phenomenal days! 
why you ask??...

because i got to hang out with t. day and the gunderson's in park city all day!

and i got to meet this cutie patootie and boy did i just fell in love with her!! 

and because we walked around main street and gawked over a $40,000 fur coat, fur lingerie, $10 roxy stickers (seriously?) and cute indian jewry! 

and because we spent an hour in a vintage shop playing with this bad boy! these are some of the ugliest/favorites!!

and because we ate the most yummy ice cream at the funnest little shop, i had almond joyous and i was sure joyous!

and because later that night i got to go to a super indie concert and listen to oober talented musicians and be with these wonderful people!

and because i got to eat 'awful waffles' and dance naughtily with my ladies in the parking lot (because we were hidden behind a car, haha!) and scream moulin rouge-elephant medley with nicole and wonk a donk (? erica, is that the song?) and then get asked to turn down the music because multiple people were complaining!!

then we drove to brandon's house and i told him i was baptized last year and he believed me and had to help me with my 'religious shortcomings' hahahaha and i dont think i ever told him i were kidding, ha! and then we squeezed 11 people in my car and got down to 'gold digger' and 'this kiss' and some whitney houston song that erica and nicole were having a moment to!

then we headed back to the dorms and brookie came home and we talked and talked and talked until the wee hours of the morning AND BROOKE MOSMAN AND JEFF STAPLETON ARE OFFICIAL!!! and yes you may call me queen match maker avery! three cheers for lalalalove!

and today is the sabbath and i love the sabbath! 
happy sabbath!

p.s. many more pictures from this marvelous day here:

Saturday, February 11, 2012

i'm not typically a tough critic but i aint too thrilled

but the vow was just sad.
leo (channing) and paige (rachel) loved each other for about 2 minutes of the 2 hour movie. 
they took the two of the most attractive, intimate, romantic actor/actress in hollywood,
and didn't even let them love each other!
i found myself stressed out the entire movie
i cried, sure, because i was sad! the entire movie, i was sad!
if you already aren't hyped, just wait until it comes out on red box.

my three fav lovey dovey movies of all time
  1. titanic
  2. the notebook
  3. the great gastby (okay, maybe it hasnt come out yet but im fully confident in its potential) 
the vow sucked but the rest of the night didn't!!
dinner was at legends with a group of my fav ladies
one of the ladies is getting married so you can only guess what the topic on convo was ;) 
hysterical, can not wait, bachelorette party=clubbin in LA whaaat??
anyways! we ate two of the legends cookies the size a large pizza!
after, we went to mcdonalds.
haha yes, mcdonalds! mcflurries, sundaes, shakes and ice cream cones were consumed
then we went to the theaters (and hour and a half before the show was to begin)
once we got there, we took up the entire row! 
we munched on goodies from the creamery allllll night long, or maybe i just did? whoopies!
fantastic night! love my girl friends! TGIF!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

super bowl sunday sistas (and other such festivities)

 now just what would i do with out them??

the thought that we will all be in different countries across the world next fall honestly makes me sick to my stomach.  but i guess we are 'carpe diemin' it! seizing our time together! so what did we do tonight? 
soaked our feet in the tub, sucked our thumbs (why? dont ask), took weird pictures, sang/danced, donkey kicked, ate ate ate and ate, and talked out how ridiculous the next few years are going to be. 

(just to make it clear...both these pictures are fat jokes)

ms. affleck
ms. checketts
ms. mosman...

i just dont know what i would do without you!

okay okay yes, we did watch the game too

you were not welcome to come to the checkett's cabin tonight if you were cheering for the patriots, cause i mean duh, the checketts are new york! so the win was fantastic! joey thought it would be a good idea to buy grape soda, a confetti gun to shoot when the giants scored, 100 yummy yummy wings, and make the guac platter into a football field, and all that was fantastic too! good food, good friends, good times.  and now i have a food baby the size of chris snee inside of me! yay! thank you oodles and oodles to joey and lily for being an award wining couple and the best hosts ever! you two are just wonderful! happy super bowl sunday everyone!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


brooke and i have been converted....turbo kick boxing.  dont get me wrong, i love zumba and r.i.p.p.e.d and body pump and yoga and yes, ive have TKBed it many times before.  but nothing compares to what brooke and i endured last night.  maybe it was our fabulously intense instructor named, shukria (she said it was pronounced "shoo-like shoo fly but with a U like a unicorn, then a K for kite then rea, so when you look me up on facebook, remember shoo, unicorn, kite, ria.") I AM NOT KIDDING.  hilarious.  she kicked our butts! i haven't had that good of a work out since, i don't remember when! brooke and i are so sore! oh and we plan to make a kick boxing video and make millions and be the next billy blanks! cause we get pretty into it! BOM! WOO! UGH! YA! BAM! AH! it was an hour of non stop kicking, booty shaking, screaming and sweating.  shukria, cant wait until next wednesday.

*today brooke and i planned on having the "BEST DAY EVER," our day started early with some cannon center swag, then a trip to target and obviously brooke was more then satisfied with her diet fountain drink, then she went to work and i went class.  i had racquetball and spin class today, which already makes my day a good day!

oh and yesterday i signed my contract for our precious apartment rachel, nicole, jessie and i will be living in this coming fall! i am so excited to live with these people! we are going to have the most fun together! we are going to decorate galore and cook and bake up the wazoo and just party every day!

oh oh and yesterday my good friend, ryan lavering opened up his mission call to the democratic republic of the congo, french speaking! coolest call i have ever heard of! so proud of him!

i hope everyone is having the BEST DAY EVER! if not, plan a BEST DAY EVER for the near future!  they're the best!