Wednesday, November 30, 2011

my love for being in provo, utah... confirmed once again!

dont be initially alarmed, these flowers are not from a boy
 (psh! like that would ever happen!)

yesterday was not the greatest of days but this post is not to complain about the negative it is to hiphiphorray about the positive!! long story short, i came back to my dorm after work with puffy eyes and heartache and all i was thinking is that i wish i was back at home having my best friend console me. silly me! i have the most incredible best friends HERE.  my friends recognized i was down and wanted to do something about it.  geez i am so darn blessed to have friends in provo who i genuinely can say will be by my side for the rest of my life.

 rach and lily bought me these beautiful sunflowers and wrote me the most heartfelt notes in the world.  i cannot thank these two girls enough for the love they offer me.  they will drop everything if i ever needed them.  they live about two steps away form me and i know that it isnt just coincidence.  we need each other. rachel, you define a 'good friend' you hang up on your boyfriend for me, you dance absurd dance moves with me until the sun comes up, you kill me with your humor, you are confident, you write cute notes for me and let me use your sea breeze and zatzip, you're a marvelous individual whom i aspire to be like. elizabeth, what we have is so unique.  you were an answer to my prayers this summer and you continue to be that everyday.  you are 'wonderful, amazing, and beautiful.' we prove that opposites attract- honestly, it doesn't get more opposite than us, and that is why i love you so dearly.  you're kind words, passion and a real love for your family/friends inspires me to be a better friend.  i will forever try to be that loyal of a friend as you are, because that kind of person changes lives.  

 i talked with my roomie of all roomies brooke for a while.  i know, we all gawk over her blog, adborb sense of style, and ridiculous sarcasm but brooke is all that but so much more to me.  she is the best room mate on the face of the earth.  i could not imagine living with anyone else but her.  she is the best advice giver by most of all she is the one who confirms the idea that everything is going to be okay, in the most casual way ever. i hope that makes sense because it is one of my favorite traits about her. brooke is the person that all my friends are jealous of, she is the girl you think "i need to go to the gym,"when you see her hot donna toned legs, she is the girl we all want to be like, she is the daughter we all want to have, but best of all, she is my best friend. on a lighter note, our sense of causality together tends to get carried away quite often haha, but really it can get a little scary, but it honestly is the way i want to live my life forever.  when things go bad, just think "its not even a big deal." because, under few circumstances, nothing is as big of a deal as we ever make. 

after all this occurred, i spent some time with the lovely lady, kendall blake.  as we danced to christmas music from a real record machine in her christmas lit room, ate 5 million cuties, and talked about our future travel plans, i didnt even think about my crappy day.  her bright smile, curly blond hair, twitchy eye face, ambition for life, and her sense of selflessness is so encouraging; she encourages me to be a little bit better, just with her sweet spirit alone. then she gets talking and its a whole new level of inspiring! i love kendall so so SO so much and we are going to take the world over, one country at a time! (...she just got back from biking all over vietnam, cambodia and thailand, how cool is she?!)

and to my other dear friends at byu, thanks for being so kind to me.  i am truly so blessed to be able to associate myself with such Christlike people here.  heaven knows i need all of you!!!...and i thank the heavens everyday for all your love in my life!

Monday, November 28, 2011

its the most wonderful time of the year!

 merry christmas from 1121 chipman hall!! 
what a glorious week i had but im back in provo and life is continuing so beautifully! the incredible kim mosman made these jolly christmas decor and brooke and i decided that the motto of our room is "just keep stuffing crap in." i live in a child's dream of a holiday fort.  the mountains are snowy, the air is crisp and i just love it here!! im so lucky to have found the best of friends, declared in the best major and am getting opportunity to do the best of things! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

5 things i am thankful for from this week

...5 very broad things, but things nonetheless.  As I sit here and type this, teary eyed and all, I cant help but reflect upon this blessed week  that I am so thankful to have had.  Talking at the Henry’s house until 3 in this morning in hysterics made me realize just how lucky I am.  Okay where do I begin on this whole thankful post? well, thanksgiving week=the very best week yet the very worse tease of a week.  oh what i would do to go back in time where this week was my everyday life.. but i cannot think like that because reality is, life will never be the same and i have to accept that and continue this ever so insane life of mine. this week has been flawless.  home is the happiest place on earth because home plays a large role in these 5 things. 

family: I am blown away by the love that constantly is present in the miyahara house.  this kind of love is unique, the feeling I have in my home is undesirable-honestly, my own little heaven on earth.  my mother is the most caring thoughtful beautiful lady on this planet and my father is the most hilarious intelligent spiritual man on this plant, so pretty such I won the jackpot with these parents! brittany, blake and sammy are my best friends and I admire them individually so much.  sammy and I went paddle boarding and he hated every second of it while I loved every second of it but he did it and that is all that matters.  i love my family and knowing that this family is eternal is the most comforting thing in my life. 

friends: when i think of my friends i want to cry because why did God in his right mind bless me with the most incredible friends a human could ever have? my group of friends here at home is unlike any other.  the love i have for all of them is unparalleled. we were talking tonight how all of our "biffles" are going to be best friends for the remainder of our lives, that we will be at all of our weddings, 40th birthday parties, children's soccer games, family dinners, and so on. okay so... olivia, you are too much.  i pee my pants, collapse on the floor and am so happy because of you. you are the definition of a best friend. mackie, b ben, weeens, gundy and mikaykay, you girls are the most wonderful, selfless, kind, loving, beautiful, talented, smart, inspiring girls i know.  all of our long conversations leave me feeling so lucky. carter, trevor, connor, chase, pierce, dins and the rest of the guys there are no guys i have met at byu anything like you guys. you boys are hysterical, so freaking smart, idiotic, impulsive, weird, and so caring. not to mention, i feel as close to your parents as i do to you guys. kathy, joni, shari, heather and karah shout out to my favorite hot mamas of orange county.  what lucky kids we are to have you as our mothers.  yes, i see all of you as mothers to me and i cant thank you enough for the love you have offered me. b fulls and maddy dapper, my idahoan lovers, you two are my eternal best friends.  i cherish our friendship more than you will ever know. to everyone else that i am so lucky to call my friends, thank you.  thank you for your constant love and friendship.  thank you for your jokes and funny antics and how you never fail to crack me up.  thank you for your love and support and genuine care for me.  thank you for being so respectful to me, my family and my house.  thank you for inspiring me to be a better person.  thank you for shaping the person i have become because of YOUR great examples to me. long live the "biffles" group!

food: wow have i eaten well this break or what?!  i am thankful for my mother and her wonderful culinary skills. honestly, southern california has pretty darn great food.  my stomach has been full from award winning mexican food, bowl of heaven acai bowls, wood ranch, banzi bowls, predros, etc.  i am thankful for thanksgiving dinner at the allen's.  we had such a fab night with a few fun families.  i am also thankful for the post thanksgivng potluck held at the miyahara house.  how thankful i am to have filled with my house friends galore, all who love each other so much, and eating yummy food!! i've ate all week long.  maybe i have gained a few worth every bite. nom nom nom i <3 food.

fun: i have had the most fun week.  whether it be swimming in the laguna with my wonderful college friends whom i love so dearly or just sitting on the couch and talking for hours, i had non stop fun.  i try to carry fun around me where ever i go, because with the lack there of is lameoo.  im thankful for friends who bring along fun in every aspect of our doings. from shopping to eating to surfing to dancing to napping to going to disneyland to making pumpkin waffles to seeing a noah and the whale concert at house of blues to partying at dins house to dying in corky's,  everything i did while i was home, i had a complete blast!! there is NEVER a dull moment and that is exactly how i love to live my life. 

being a mormon: the life i live at byu has zero ties with my life at home.  not at all saying that i dont live my life according to my standards i have at school at home!! its just so different. being the only LDS girl in my group of best friends is never something that has made me uncomfortable. i am around drinking and smoking and profanity and all other things that the church doesnt exactly encourage but when i come home and i am around this, it does not make me love my friends any less.  it just makes me love being a mormon so much more.  i love byu.  it is the most incredible campus.  the students glow.  my friends are beyond words amazing. my professors blow my mind.  and you know why? because we are all members of a church that brings us the upmost happiness.  i am obsessed with the teaching of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints.  i believe in all the beliefs of the mormon church with ever fiber in my body.  i am SO thankful to have been blessed to be born into a mormon family and being raised in the church.  for i would be nothing with out it.  the peace, happiness and contentment i feel constantly is 100% because i belong to the most correct church on this planet.  i am so solid in my beliefs and i am so thankful for my Heavenly Father who knows me by name and who is directing my life in such a way where i can return to Thee and live eternally with my family. 

to wrap this all up.  i am thankful for many more things.  a lot of which is back in p. town and it all deserves a whole post about my love for my friends and life in provo but for now, i am so excited to return back to my life in utah and be with my glorious friends up there again.  i am forever grateful for every aspect in my life for all credit goes to Him. all glory and praise to Him!!
**sadly, my camera died and i had minimal photos of my week.  :( 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

im big in utah ;)

lol jk jk totally kidding, i had no idea what i was doing, today was such a fun day, i <3 my job, come shop at called to surf!

called to surf's video segments in the news this morning:

Monday, November 14, 2011

...just another near death experience

just imagine me bookin' it down all those rocks at top speed. 

okay so back ground info: friday was not an ordinary day.  the famous, loved by all, the sweet sun shining ray of energy, isabelle white arrived in provo, utah. if this place wasn't already illuminated with smiling faces...lets just say she made campus that much brighter.  i was so excited for her to come here! chat with her for 5 minutes and you'll walk away feeling that little tingly feeling, the kind when someone just made your day.

okay so the death part: isabelle, willie and i went for a little hike up a water fall in provo canyon.  this waterfall is just beautiful.  the weather here is definitely moving from fall to winter a little too fast. the waterfall is still cookin', however, all the rocks and such and such are all iced over.  we hiked up as far as you can go (until it is a compete vertical wall of rock/water) and willie and i decide to try to cross the falls.  i take one single two feet leg extension...and woooosh!!! isabelle is sitting a few feet away from me (intelligently, not wanting to take part in such a brainless act) and as i begin to plummet down the falls we lock eyes and i flashed her one of the "goodbye, see ya in heaven type of faces." she screams "aaaaavvveerrrryyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!" and there i go.  luckily i fell and moved into a perfect position-on my belly, feet first, hands able to protect this chubby face. i slid down approximately 30 yards-but the weird thing is, i only remember falling and stoping. which is probably a bad thing.  but i do remember not freaking out, knowing i was going to come to a halt eventually.  my limp, rag doll of a body went down a few huge 2-4 foot drop offs and the plateau of ice only made me pick up speed. (picture above is what i fell down, all the way from the top and all the way to the bottom...finish line not pictured).  isabelle later compared me to that iphone game where you drag the girl around and her limp body forms to what ever she is being thrown against-yes, i was that girl. i finally came to a stop.  i took a quick body assessment to see if i was brutally hurt...i wasn't! phew thank the heavens! nothing felt too painful, except my hands! they felt as if i broke both of them.  willie and isabelle ran down to my rescue and my favorite jeans took a hard beating but thats about it! willie claims it was the closest he has ever seen anyone from death.  i'm not the strongest writer, nor am i that great of a story teller so if this makes no sense and doesn't sound freaky at all, im sorry, i guess you'd have to be there.  my legs are covered in massive bruises and scrapes and i think i broke a finger! i am so lucky! i quickly sent a prayer up the moment i stopped thanking Him for protecting me...this could of been bad, very bad, and i came out completely okay! i had a fab day with my two dear friends and this was only a minor occurrence....and dont think im not gonna show of these sweet bruises at the gym tomorrow in my running shorts! 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

pregnant aliens.

kendall blake is one of my best friends up here at byu and i couldn't be more blessed to say so.  i mean, look at her, how could you not entirely be obsessed with her? she's the best.

we spent last weekend in park city with a group of friends and caused quite a ruckus at a dance up there.  our weekend was full of eating, dancing, pranking, a nice walk in the snow with my three lovely ladies-ashton, nicole and kendall, not to mention some solid homey time in kendall's beautiful park city home!

Friday, November 4, 2011

4th half marathon with my other half

2008, 2009, 2010, 2011!
we did it, again! this race was the best; we ran 13.1 miles in costumes! i love the tradition we have of running a half marathon every year.  i know this will continue for the rest of your lives. even if we are married/are mamas and mad is living somewhere lost in the forrest and i am living in fiji...we will make it a yearly tradition for ever.  you just wait, we will be those grandma runners you think are crazy. dont be fooled, we really are not that great of runners at all!  we are no college cross country runners or aspiring olympians.  we are two best friends who love being outside, being healthy and love being with each other (long runs are the best bonding times).  it sucks that we live in two different states and i miss her every day but this friendship aint goin no where.  
madeline dapper is my other half and i couldnt be more grateful to have her as my best friend & the biggest role model i have in my life. i love you, mad!