Sunday, March 18, 2012


  • woke up-HUGE breakfast at the canc
  • rex lee run 10k with lilz
  • ran errands, read some hunger games, and took a nap
  • real salt lake season opener! 
  • solid saturday!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

my best friend is ENGAGED!!!!

what a whirlwind these past few days have been!
"holy monkeys is all this really happening?" keeps popping up in my brain
last night, saturday the 10th of march, i watched as my best friend was proposed to!

all week, i avoided brooke
something entirely unusual for us...we have been as one for all i can remember of my college life!
but i wasnt going to ruin this surprise, the surprise that she will tell and retell for the rest of her life!
i awkwardly left the room, changed conversation topics, and faked watching a show to avoid any potential dropping of hints! and i did it! i kept a secret from her, something i thought was impossible!
and her face on saturday night proved she was entirely clueless! 

and sure, ill give myself some credit, i did set this cute couple up. 

brooke inspires me everyday. i cant imagine what college would be like with the absence of our friendship. she is everything you want in a roommate/friend and i couldnt be more grateful to have been blessed with her to conquer my freshmen year of college with. 
and for jeff, is such a great guy!  he is so good to my brookie cooks. he put me in my silent hysteric laugh, he is so thoughtful to brooke, and i know he will love her and take care of her for eternity.
throughout this whole sabam, ive been completely at ease with the quickness of this relationship.
why? because they are meant for each other. and i know that with complete surety. 

after robert sang this brad paisley song and i was watching the proposal right in front of me, i lost it. 
there was no stopping these tears!
a tsunami of emotions crashed over me and i was goners!
the things jeff said about brooke, killed me.  the look on her face, killed me.  the way she kissed him, killed me. the way he looked into her pretty eyes saying "i love you" and "will you marry me" on one knee with the most gorgeous ring in his hands, killed me.  
let me repeat, i was goners.  
but luckily i was able to put that aside and take some presh pics

there couldnt be a more stunningly beautiful duo on this planet.

there are more pictures/videos but i dont want to spoil the cuteness of the pictures of her perfect night!
so these are just a little sneak preview of the cuteness to come 
after they had time to themselves, brooke and i laughed and cried and hugged (she actually hugged me!!) and spun and squawked about how 3 months ago we were avid hulu watchers every night, how we were "too obsessed with each other to ever find a guy" ( actual quote from josh regarding our love lives) and how quickly life happens.

later that night when all the commencing ended, brooke came back to the dorm and we chatted for too long, maybe we talked for longer than we slept but, oh well. it was so worth it.  
there really isnt anyway i could be more thrilled for these two love birds! 
their happiness makes everyone around them happier!
their love makes everyone around them more optimistic!
their future is going to be crazy awesome and i can not until they have some #indianbabies!!!
a ginormous congratulation to brookie and jeffers!

love you so much b.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

cosmo horoscope was spot on!

  cosmo magazine got it right guys...

i was planning on going home this weekend and surprising my family and olivia but that fell through and if there was ever i time i needed to get out of provo the most, this weekend was it.  
school has been stressful,
ive been working a lot at my jobs,
im very very very single,
and i just miss my home (aka my family, olivia and the ocean)

 lily noticed i was having a crappy day on friday so she said, then lets get out of here! and boy did she know exactly what to say.  we drove up to park city and talked about life and ate at this fancy little bistro on main street! and i only spent 10 buckeros! an additive bonus. i really loved spending time with her and just catching up. im really lucky to have her in my life, she has way of just making me feel 100% at ease. after, she left to go have a disney movie night with her boyfriend (don't you wish you had those, ya i do) and i met up with great friends in park city.
 then just the girls walked around main street, got some sassy attitude from the employees of the store that we were clearly loitering in, then thought of sneaky ways to get an invite to brandon's cabin. we got it! yes! so we headed over there and went in the spa, used a free car service to go to the grocery store (NOTE: this is the part where i read my horoscope in cosmo magazine and had my mind blown of its crazy accuracy!!) we picked up some goodies and headed home singing songs from grease...the driver wasnt too supportive of our singing.  we made fancy deer valley cookies and watched the goofy movie.  friday night was a happy one.  it was exactly what i needed. 

 the fun of our saturday wasn't photographed enough, but this will do!
in the morning we woke up and went to "crave" an acai bowl place in park city
here is rach with the chiropractor, he was very passionate about his job. 
surprisingly,  i won this bizarre healthiness test and got a free bowl! yipe!!
i drove down to provo to work, then drove right back up after! (thanks ash!)
upon our arrival, we crammed 9 people in chad's car and headed back up to brando's cabin for round 2
we played sardines, made some pina colada, had (not so) deep chats in the bunk room, made cookies and crescents, jammed to some oldies, and enjoyed the company of the coolest cats in p town. 
ash and i slept in the master bed! i havent had a slept like i did on saturday night in ages!
i drempt that i was justin beibers girlfriend, and im not even a j. beibs fan!

ash and i woke up to the smell of pancakes, eggs and hashbrowns, thanks chad! 
we forgot it was fast sunday! yikes! 
we got all ready for church and sure enough they changed the time for the visitors ward. such a bummer! so we had no choice but to head home and go on a sunday walk. 
no, not just a sunday walk, more like a sunday hike through the snowy deer valley mountains.
we are talking knee high treading is snow...and i was wearing a skirt and moccasins!

thanks cosmo, for having my back in a time of need! 
i really love my friends.  
avery is officially out of her "rut" HOORAY!!