Sunday, April 29, 2012

my happy place

you know when you're having a freak out attack or you're watching a scary movie or you're in a weird sketchy place, people tell you to 'go to your happy place'???

well these past 15 days have been an all encompassing 'happy place'

there is no greater feeling then being home.  
home is comfortable, easy, sunny, yummy and loving
home is where im constantly surrounded by my family and best friends
a place where all my new best college friends live! 

these 15 days post college-prebackpacking could not have possibly been more happy!
and here are some fun reasons why!!

i came home and went straight to laguna 
with my piercey poops and mikaykay!

mmm im home!

bowl of heaven is my heaven and jessie smith is a pregnant angel

 taco tuesday with mi favorita hermanos!!! (?)

 <scuba certified!!

>aren't my brothers the cutest?
ahh :) i belong in the water!

after erica's (mind blowingly spiritual) farewell, we took a trip to the beautiful newport temple! 

 sunday night at the staples! uke-ladies with sis stap, first kiss stories by the bonfire, s'more, slumber party in the bunks and a pancake bar (bananas, coconut flakes, pb, nuetella, chocolate chips and more!) in the morning!

after dropping off del for sam's brother and a parking violation (dang proctors) i got to see this kid!

 oh goodwill, you never disappoint

 balboa and the fun zones with my fabulously fun friends! 

 mexican monday! a fun cooking fiesta at the stapley's!
junior year we said we were going to hike this & it finally happened! this goofy usc man is the best! 

 this particular three arch day was quite unique...we were the only 5 people on the beach all day!
and boy was it a beautiful day full of sun shine, paddle board stealing and the jonas brothers 


 HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHY ROO ROO!!! rach and lily came down for pretty much a day to celebrate this beautiful shining dream of a person she is. we valeted the car at the montage, and walked in like we owned the place. we laid by the pool and enjoyed the luxuries of the place for as long as we could before we were asked to leave. lol. we went to riptide for a sushi dinner and died of laughter at our ridiculous waiter.  she was so wacky haha im giggling thinking about her.  i love lily and rach so much and love how i know if i miss them, i can see them! happy bday rach!

 michael's going to mexico, we ventured (chickened out) at black star canyon, took a 1:30am in-n-out run, we ate chocolate fountain goodies and threw water balloon, then jake and louie serenaded me.

 the boys played a little show at some community center in laguna for some high school boy's spring party.  over all the party was off the heezy, little skanky middle/high schoolers and precious little blonde surfer boys that i was falling in love with.  the boys are so talented! after we hit up "harb house" (so the local calls it) to do nothing but loiter and spit fire water into my face! yolo?

blakey (my little 16 yr. bro) couldnt figure out which one was me! haha do you see it? from the back?
 so much brown sugared bacon (thanks trav!) and chocolate chip heath bar pancakes!
 after trevor's farewell we had a fun pancake party at my house.  bacon grease was poppin, guitars were strummin and it was a happy place to be.  i really love my friends and i'm so excited to have my girlies in provo in the fall and i am oh so proud of these boys leaving on missions.  "see ya in two" was a frequent phrase being thrown around.  i can not wait to see where we all are in two years.  will sammy stapley be married with a child on the way? only time will tell :) 

so, tomorrow ill spend my last day home purchasing a back pack and packing a t shirt, shorts and a jacket...maybe a brush. then ill wake up early tuesday morning...


kendall, nicole, riley and i are only a day away from embarking on the craziest thing i've ever done.
we will be traveling to england, ireland, spain, france, switzerland and italy. 
im not really nervous, yet.  it honestly hasnt really hit me. 
but it soon will and when it does im gonna be sitting next to my best friends on a flight to london! 
bring it on, baby!! 
ill be posting as often as possible!

happy sabbath!

Monday, April 16, 2012

winter semester wrap up!

the conclusion of my time as a helaman halls resident was rather bitter sweet.  the title of a 'helaman halls resident' has been mine since june!...june! the cannon center has been my food source for almost 10 months (have you seen me? cause that statement would then make a lot of sense)!! but as i say good bye to the empty toilet paper stalls, 1121 mailbox, smart waters upon smart waters, the hill to walk up to campus, a full parking lot, stalked vending machines, and a perfect room mate, i look back at the past 10 months of my life and couldn't feel happier! ive been totally blessed with the best of friends, the coolest major, the funnest dorm room! i cant complain about the utah winter i experienced this year,  i cant complain about anything! my freshmen year at byu will forever be in my brain as one of the best years of my life!

if i could offer any advice to future cougars i would advise them to: go summer semester, take easy classes, prepare for little to no sleep, take every opportunity to do something fun, go to all the dances, go on all the dates you are asked on (because they dont happen as often as assumed), go tunnel singing with your friends every sunday night, get to know your bishop, call your mom all the time, make friends with everyone, even those you typically wouldn't see as compatible (two of my best friends are bleached blonde,  designer loving, girly girls and i couldnt imagine life with out them!) dont get stressed about classes, sometimes sleeping through them is just a better option, go on sunday midnight food runs, use the gym in the locker room-there's wifi to watch hulu while you work out(!!!), play the stupid silly kissing games byu loves, and just be happy-stay happy cause there is no better university!

i spent my last week as a freshmen at byu...

Monday, April 9, 2012

five freaking flawless days!!!

wednesday 4/4/12
ladies night at rio tinto stadium baby! 
you dont understand how much i look forward to real games
why? cause it means being with my best friends, being catered with the finest foods, watching the game in the best seats in the house, and the caramel brownies! 
this past wednesday was our last shabang for a while. 
we all go our separate ways in the next week 
(me: europe & the south pacific study abroad. lily: real internship & london study abroad. rach: italy study abroad. brookie: marriage life!!) 
and we wont all be living in the same city unto next winter!! :(
and it sure was the best night ever! syd and ally came along and they are just so much fun! 

brooke put together a little video on the ride up...
(sorry mom for the absence of a seat belt. it was restricting my dance moves!)

thursday 4/5/12 
first off, we watched emperors new groove in spin class and as i giggled over kuzco, pacha and yzma,
 i was reading mockingjay! it was honestly perfect, three of some of my favorite things: 
comedies, the hunger games series and working out.
but for the most joyous part!!...MADELINE ROSE DAPPER
maddy and i have been best friends for a long long long time. 
she hugged me and told me i was "like home"to her and i couldnt agree more, being with her is home.  we took a zillion photos on campus at 9:30pm and she plopped her phone into the fountain while doing so. we had yummy sandwiches at gandolfos (my first time! yum!). we went on a lovely run, like old times. we peed our pants from laughter in the tanner building while singing to eminem. we stopped by a birthday party and ate yummy cake (happy birthday trev!). we went to chad's house and she met my friends! we watched wolverine at some randos apartment that her man was friends with and the jokes rattling off by the people there were hysterically awful. and we fell asleep mid conversation after a long awaited, much needed pillow talk.
thurday night was happy, it was home!
 i love maddy so much and can not wait to have her here with me in fall! 

friday 4/6/12 
woke up, ate some with annabel and steven (they're newly engaged! yay!) and went to class!
after a productive day, maddy, chad, ashton and i ran a few errands.  
which led us to the provo beach resort! now who doesnt love a good photo booth sesh?!
i for one, love them.  infact i collect them! (yes, yes i do suffer from over sentimentalism) 
anyways, our shots literally define 'the good, the bad and the ugly'
then after watching grey's anatomy and a sad goodbye to madeline, it was time for
annabel wallace's  bridal shower!! 
when i am with these lady friends, hysterical silent laughter is a guarantee!  
annabel is a goddess and we all couldnt be more excited for her june wedding in the san diego temple!
 p.s. the grandmas were a hoot! syd and i were dying!
thanks annabel for being such a great friend and being gorgeous and being engaged! love you!
(p.s. how stinking BEAUTIFUL are brooke and annabel's engagement rings!!!)

after the shower, i made my way over to the 'enda semesta palooza' 
we got reprimanded publicly for dancing too hard. sorry im not sorry, resident hall association!
and of course the good times kept on coming...
luke's exclusive cabin! 
the night can be summed up with these words:
popcorn. cookie dough. 007. tk's body. spa. backstreet boys. justin timberlake. boy>girl ratio.

 saturday 4/7/12
we got back from the cabin around 4am so technically it was saturday and waking up 3 hours later probably wasnt the smartest idea!
but who the heck cares cause 

 emily nixon, anne collins, ashton strauss, megan francis, anne capener and i jumped out of a plane!
 with the help of paul & jimmy (or gunther?) we had seriously the most perfect day ever!
the 3 hour drive wasnt bad at all! we arrived in moab around 11am and left around 430pm!
taking only two jumpers at a time allowed us plenty of time to lounge in the sun, eat more snacks & become a little too close with the workers (it got creepy!) 
however we LOVED paul.  paul is the sassy head honcho who was a total jerk over the phone,
and turned out to be our best friend who was obsessed with us! 
he over used cuss words, called us all 'mamasita,'and had too much fun giving us crap!
 skydiving is one of the coolest feelings in the world!
the 20 minute flight up in the worlds crappiest plane, reaching 10,000 ft. is beautiful, 
moab is beautiful!!
 (however i couldnt stop thinking about 127 hours and how aaron was stuck in those rocks! awful!)
anyways, once you reached the top, the door opens, you climb out, 
and BAM you're doing flips through the air!
when you're free falling and you cant distinguish which way is up, is def. the most exhilarating thing!
after a maybe 40 second free fall, the parachute is pulled and you're gliding through the atmosphere!
doing spins and drops and stops! 
its like the craziest roller coaster on the planet times a gazabillon!
 to have had my first skydive with my dad for my 18th and his 50th birthday was so special!
and to have had my second skydiving experience with some of the all time greatest girls 
at byu was un-freaking-real! we had an award winning day that will never be forgotten!
sunday 4/8/12
He is risen! He is risen! happy easter!! happy easter! yahoo! 
this morning begun with a bang by going to church! 
we took the sacrament and all i was thinking about was Christ and His atoning sacrifice for me.  
i feel super lucky to have a testimony of His son, my Savior.  I brings me a lot of peace. 
after church we went straight to brandon's to continue cookin'
anne capener was the queen of the kitchen!
she made ham, potatoes, salad, deviled eggs, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, and rice krispie...
all from absolute scratch!!!
we are talking home made dressings, fresh cut veggies, and def no boxed cookie dough!
it was incredible! she was an out of this world domestic perfectionist! gosh i love her!
we even had a little easter egg hunt in the back yard!
i was so happy to have spent my easter away from home in a way that felt like home!
huge thanks to brandon and anne for doing so much! 

and the day was concluded with some slack lining, trust falling, all the aboving fun!

i cant even put into words how happy life is right now!
my family come to provo in two days!
i move home in six days!
i go to europe in three weeks!
i go on a study abroad to fiji australia and new zealand in two and a half months!
and i get to move back up here to provo after all that fun and live the coolest cats in the dev, baby!
boy oh boy i could not feel more thankful for this blessed life i am ever so lucky to live!