Sunday, January 29, 2012

when mom comes to town...

...we sure have a whole lot of fun

let me tell you something about my mom, she is the greatest lady on this planet.  there isnt one quality about her that i wouldn't kill to possess.  i really didnt want to drop her off at the airport this morning, maybe because we had to leave at 430am but no no it was cause i didnt want her to leave.  this week we played in the snow, went tubing, celebrated brittany's birthday, watched the debate (!!!), went to the movies, cheered at the basketball game (rough loss cougs, rough loss), had fun sleep overs at the hotel, went shopping, eat the most yummy food, volunteered and felt the Spirit so strongly at the MTC in the TRC (probably my most favorite time going since i started going this summer), sat front row at the incredible dance show "vibe", and she even washed my sheets and made my bed this kind of way that no one can but her! i love my mom so much and i know that our Heavenly Father personally selected her to be my mom.  she is my best friend and my great example.  love you, mom! cant wait until next time!


in the summer of 2003, a friend told me that whenever i see the clock at 9:11, i have to say a quick prayer in my head asking God to be with the families of september 11th.  8 1/2 years later, twice a day my eyes are directed to a clock at 9:11 am/pm.  it freaks me out most days to be completely honest.  i never ever purposely look at my watch at that exact time, it just always happens.  sorta like those who look at the clock at 11:11 and make a wish every time...this is just a different wish at a different time.  sometimes when i look at my clock and it reads this time, i think..."oh my goodness this is so bizarre" or "yay! this was such a perfect reminder for me to pray for other things" or "im dancing, do i have to pray right now?" or "is there really a reason for this or is it just a weird thing i've adapted?" or "should i pray for these families still or should i be praying for something else so consistently?"

vivs, britt and i saw "extremely loud and incredibly close" after the byu basketball game tonight
i saw previews for this and was automatically intrigued.  for some weird reason, i love learning about big catastrophes.  9-11 has been one of them, especially because i think about it twice a day.  and when we watched this movie tonight, i literally think i cried the entire 2 hours and 9 minutes.  

at least for me, 9-11 seemed to be a little different experience for those of us on the west coast.  i didn't know anyone personally effected by the tragic event, let alone anyone who knew anyone effected. obviously we grieved and mourned but i guess i didn't fully understand until i watched this movie. i thought of all the prayers i have ushered to these people across the country and thought of how stupid i am to have thought at times, "is this necessary?" it is so necessary and not only necessary but so humbling. 

so if/when you see the clock at 9:11 (cause you will now) think and pray for a hot second for the families of 9/11 and thank God for the country we live in.  i am so grateful to live in a country where i can feel safe on a run in the streets, where i was able to have a free education, where i can freely believe in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saint, where i can confidently know that i have a bright future, where i can devour all the GOP debates and gossip i can and vote this election, and the list goes on and on and on.  i don't remember who told me this little habit to have but who ever it was, i am grateful. 

so tonight, im heartbroken for "oscar" and others just like him but i am more so hopeful for them. 
ill keep praying, i promise.  

Thursday, January 26, 2012

happy birthday to my sista, b.ritt, she's 21!

today was brittany's 21st birthday and let me tell ya, it was a great day.  mama vivs is in town and it has been the best!  we had a sleepover at her hotel last night and stretching my limbs in a queen size bed was quite a luxury! 

we woke up and headed to kneaders for some all you can eat french toast...but, of course, breakfast was over.  the 11am breakfast cut off time was the biggest disappointment! so, we went to guru's, which isnt that bad of an alternative.  my veggie quesadilla was good but the sweet potato fries were better! olivia, if you are reading this, i thought of you in every bite! miss you love you!

 then we were off to soldier hallow for a little snow day! we ventured around, i was blinded by the sun shining on the white snow (literally, the wrinkles in between my eyes are still there), took some fun pictures, and went tubing.  this place is said to be the longest tube course thingy in utah, cool side note? 

well, i happened to be swinging my sister around and then i fell and hit my head hard on some super hard snow and got a wrenching head ache so when the grumpy lady at the top wouldn't let us all go down together until we went down individually, then in pairs, then three of us, THEN we can advance to be able to go down with all four of us, i was a little p.o.ed (haha p.o.ed remember when people actually said that)...vivs was at the bottom wanting to take a picture before she came up and now she would have to wait 3 times before we could all go together?! stupid.  people like that annoy me. okayyy lady, we know how to go down a hill on an inflatable tube, we dont need three tries to master the skill.  wow i just went on a tangent haha and super negative, yikes!  

besides my temporary annoyed attitude and head ache, we had a total blast! it was so fun having my mom here too. then i went back to the dormies to do some laung (pronounced lawn-ggg...what brooke and i call laundry), take a quiz and do some other miscellaneous pointless stuff! 

then!...don don donnnn...p.f. changs! oh so yummy! britt said to get dressyish so we did; brooke rocked the poodle jacket dealio, love it! i particularly enjoyed the lettuce wraps with the mushroom beef and the dessert shots were appropriate considering her age now, i guess she got her "shots" on her 21st birthday! cheers! 

after dinner, brooke and i went over to "spark" this mocktail lounge, not so bar place in provo for our friend, alyssa pitt's birthday! it was great! she is the sweetest thing! gosh i love her! happy birthday my dear friend!

brittany had friends over for cake later that night and we just ate, talked about one of her friend's goofy last name, dinwittie...(this is not a joke. cool huh? betcha never heard of a dinwittie!), met new friends, played some just dance and stalked (the usual). it was a joyous night! 

i love my sister so much.  she is the most beautiful person alive! she is such an example to me and i am so proud of her and to be her sister! i'm so excited to see what great things she will accomplish in this year of her life! i love her and i am so happy we live 2 minutes away from each other and that i can hang out with her almost every day! happy birthday b ritt in da hiz house! love you so so much!


isnt our mom the coolest?!

happy 21st birthday sista

Monday, January 23, 2012

spontaneity at its finest! NorCal 2012 whud up!

so here is how it went down...friday, in a heavy pant while sweat is dripping off my face at the byu gym, i reached to look on twitter to distract me a little and i read a tweet by ms. stone, it said "anyone feeling spontaneous? california in an hour? we have one extra seat!" so of course i thought, YES! i gotta go!

then i remembered i was on call for work that night, i had class in a few hours, i told a friend i would go visit him in his post surgery livin, i was expected to volunteer at the mtc the next day, willie would be waiting for me at 2:20 outside the 11m building, my friends missionary farewell was on sunday in pleasant grove...shoot.  would this be a bad weekend to go? 

i got off the treadmill, took a shower, made a few calls, sent a few emails, packed and we were in the car with in the hour. and we were off! the ten hour drive was easy shmeasy when you are with this fabulous group of people...
we danced, sang, laughed at trent's hilariousness, ate mcdonalds, waited 20 minutes for taco time, watched italian job, played riddles and the morally ethical games, and nearly died through the sierra nevada's. thank goodness for prayers! trust me, good ole mama vivs was reminding me that she will "continue to pray for us" the whole was there. good times! so we arrived and surprised carli's parents at 1am! it was great! we slept, woke up and went over to cami's house, or terabithia, whatever you want to call it...

after venturing through the wild forests, playing some more riddles, plunging death on a rope swing, putting my brown hair on maddie, cam and matt, crossing ponds on wooden plants, and enjoying the company of these glorious people, we went to go visit cami and kendall's distant cousin.  this house is unlike anything my eyes have EVER seen...
a wall of designer shoes was no biggie compared to the heated toilet seat that opens when your feet hit the tile in front of the seat but that is not all! the toilet had a remote that shot water up your...ya....and dried your...ya...after it rinsed it! there was different lights the toilet bowl would glow, there was music that came from the toilet and when you flushed, it was silence! totally silent! oh and the floors were heated too! so awesome! however, someone from the olden days would laugh at how ridiculous this world is turning into, but hey gotta take advantage of the technological advances right? even if it is turning this generation into lazy butts! later we went to taylor's; this yummy diner type of place...

they had like 200 shake options, including bacon! sick nasty barf huh?! ill give it to them for being unique though! the shakes and chicken strips were divine! kendall's peanut butter banana chocolate chip shake was out of this world delicious! i love a good hole in the wall, fatty greasy yummy food place! we went the the farmers market and sang/screamed shinia twain's "man! i feel like a woman!" then later we went to the sacramento LDS temple!!...
the second we drove up the hill to the temple, i felt this over whelming feeling of the spirit.  the temples are the most glorious places on the planet.  they truly are. the feeling i get when i am on temple grounds, no matter if i am in newport, san diego, provo, or salt lake, the temple eliminates such a celestial look! ah i love it! then we dropped the kiddies off at a stake dance and drove over to the gallager for some food and games and we may or may not have made a kissing web! haha typical girls, we know.  now we  know we have a kissing connection to jimmer ferdette! cool huh? anyways saturday night was so much fun! i sat and chatted with the parents upstairs for a while and i felt like i was home.  i really miss not knowing the parents of my friends in college.  parents have this kind of wisdom and kind heart that is so endearing.  so it was nice to be with cammy, carli and matt's sweet parents! we went to bed late after some solid pillow talk and woke up to some german pancakes and got ready for church...

sister madison gallacher was the reason for this trip.  her farewell was held on sunday and it was such a beautiful farewell talk.  as i scrambled to write down everything that came out of her mouth, i was touched by the spirit immensely.  she spoke with such grace, intelligence, love and she truly was a mouth piece for the Lord.  i was so inspired by her words, for i felt they were coming straight from Thee. i am so amazed by her and i feel blessed to know her.  she is going to be serving in the baltic states speaking latvian! so rad! she is such a beautiful person and i want to try and be more like her.  i know she is going to impact the lives of millions through all the generations she will effect. after her farewell, on the road again!...
this is a terrible picture but it gives you an idea of how scary it was.  the pass through the sierra nevadas were forecasted to be a huge storm.  all the parents (including mine all the way down in southern california) were freaking out and fervently saying prayers for a safe drive.  it actually was pretty frightening.  one of the moms was telling us what to do if we crashed, spun out, fell down the mountain, etc.  so, we drove slow and cautiously! and what happens when it is my turn to drive because it clears up and i am the least experienced snow driver? i get a speeding ticket....

 80 in a 75 is what the officer wrote me up for. i guess those uninhabited towns need some source of an income right? ya, it sucked.  but what can ya do? be polite and carry on.  and that is what we did.  we sang some more, talked about cool stuff, watched ocean's eleven (first time watching it, so good!) and enjoyed each others company.  we arrived late sunday night and ill admit, i was so ready to be back in provo.  i was still kinda bummed i had to pay for this dang ticket and being hangery only made this worse.  but then at 2am i hear a knock at my door as i was climbing into bed and it was kendall, she went to the store and bought me my favorite saltines and cuties along with the most thoughtful note from her and cammy.  i cried and just hugged my best friend.  it was the most kind thing a person could do.  we were driving for 11 hours, it was so late and those girls chose to think of me and make me feel better.  i was so happy! i am so blessed to have such wonderful friends up here in provo.  honestly, i thought no one could ever contend with my best friends at home, but i am proven wrong everyday but these absolutely perfect friends of mine. they are such examples to me and i look at them with such admiration. i had such a perfect weekend with cammy, kendall, carli, caitlyn, maddie and a few others.  i love these girls so much. we were best friends in the pre-mortal times, i just know it, there is no way i could feel this love for them with only knowing them for a few months.  and now we are back in p town! i have three exams this week and my sweet mother dear is flying in! crazy crazy upcoming week and i cant wait! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

a very narrowed down "to-do" for my life.

  1. Back pack through Europe with my best friends ( WE FLY TO EUROPE IN EXACTLY 101 DAYS CARRYING NOTHING BUT A BACK PACK!!! WAHOOO IM FREAKING OUT)
  2. Study abroad 
  3. Be an EFY counselor
  4. Graduate from BYU with a major in Rec. Management-emphasis on adolescent development and a double minor in school of family life and non profit managment
  5. Get my massage therapy license
  6. Live in Hawaii
  7. Be a certified Zumba instructor (its a stretch but i've always pictured myself leading some silly aerobics class and yelling encouraging words to sweaty people)
  8. Dance on every continent (3 down, 4 more to go) (i'll cross australia off the list this summer!)
  9. Get sealed to my eternal companion in the Newport Beach temple ( the rate it's going now, expect this to be crossed off at a very, very distant time. self pitty sentence? just possibly)
  10. Live in a foreign country with my husband
  11. Have a pack of wild children; who will love the gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the outdoors, dancing, face paint, and ice cream cones.  (and if they dont love these things, i will not love them) <--- obvious lie. 
  12. Run a marathon, a triathlon, a ragnar and bike a century (preferably with my husband)
  13. Start a non-profit organization that allows me to travel the world and serve others
  14. Be PTA president (pathetic, i know but ya its gonna happen)
  15. Have a red front door, a trampoline, a fruit and veggie garden and a tree house 
*the list in my journal has about five hundred millions life goals/things i want to do with this life of mine but this is the list, the list as of january 20th 2012 (however this is identical to a list i made when i was 12 years old). but anyways...i think i want to print it out, maybe frame it, so i can be reminded everyday how gloriously wonderful the future will be.  call me crazy, i am crazy but i'm gonna do it all.  my primary teacher told me once that "your future is only as awesome as your goals."sure, i was 10 years old and my goals may or may not have been: do back flips in space, pull an all nighter, meet the backstreet boys and so on...but i decided that my motto is..."blessed is this life, and im going to celebrate being alive" (thanks...) -brett dennen ('re the man)

Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK weekend festivities

do i put photo descriptions before or after the photo? should the pictures be a little preface to the wordage describing them or vise versa? well anyways, this past weekend was great!! ( we're gonna go for descriptions before the pictures this time, maybe ill switch it up next time?)

the uprising paint fight was on friday and wow was that a hoot! nothing can describe the level of pressure my body was enduring, im shocked my head didnt pop right off! ive experienced my fair share of crazy concerts where sweaty dirty people are all up on you but last night was definitely up high on the list of those.  everyone was dancing so hard! it was so great! it was until we fought our way to the front bar, i could actually inhale some oxygen.  the paint guns were distributed, dj marcus wing was killin it, and all mayhem was taking place! i was in heaven!  nothing like some solid byu dance parties.  i'm thinking provo should be coined dance capitol of the universe. wouldn't you agree?

i went to my first basketball game this season! im pathetic and have missed too many games so far this season, i was such a loyal football game goer, what happened?! i dont know.  but it was a blast! (for the few minutes we stayed...brooke and i had other obligations!) i really really enjoyed chantz's fav red starbursts he shared too!

brooke's mom came in to town this weekend and we went on a costco run.  apart from the way too chewy chicken samples and the combo pizza, these two girls made the trip.  why? because they were an identical duo of me and my best friend, chloe goings growing up.  the girl holding the other girl was this precious little asian girl with sassy boots on and the other girl was the beautiful curly golden haired crack up with matching sassy boots.  i about died.  they were laughing hysterically and doing goofy things that little girls should be doing, goofy things that chloe and i did do while running around costco with vivs.
 i love chloe, so so much. 

kim mosman came into town fully equipped with valentine decorations up the ying yang! love her and all her craft glory, love our precious little room, love the girl i share this precious little room with, love how she pops my blisters, and ya i just pretty much love everything about the mosmans.  

oh the joys of having no school! mondays are my busiest days..i have 14 of my credit hours (1-1 credit class 2-2 credit classes, and 3-3 credit not kidding) all on mondays!! so pretty much i am the happiest cougar on campus when we dont have school on mondays! so what did we choose to do with this free day? CABIN CAMP! yipe! all the booyas and us girlies made our way up to lily's cabin and did all the necessary such and suches of cabinationing (...i just made up those words) ...bonfires, roasted marshmallows, had interesting moral ethical convos, eat a lot of food (or maybe just i did) watched a movie, talked about boys, yadayadayada. this morning we woke up, ate some more food, then made some music videos to beyonce's "love on top" "countdown" and "run the world (girls)" it was great! we had such a blast! i love these girls so dang much and dont even get me started about how much im going to DIE when i loose brooke, lily, AND rachael this coming fall to study abroads.  what am i going to do with out them? i dont  know? but i dont even want to think about it.  well, fabulous weekend! 
thanks MLK! 

...and now i am off to work, did i mention i LOVE my work? well i do, so so much! called to surfy! yay!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

pushing for better

ill be honest, sometimes it's easy to settle with what is most convenient at the time. today i decided that there are better, more important things out there and by settling, i'm missing out; i'm missing out on bigger and better and more fun things that i could potentially be experiencing. today my prayers were answered by a person, a particularly drop dead gorgeous byu football playing person. as we conversed and became friends, it hit me.  it all made sense.  my thoughts all were alined and i got it. and as i sat in the temple a few hours after our casual bonding sesh...i sat there in complete and utter peace while pondering my patriarchal blessing, i was/always am blown away for what is to come (if i am live worthily of course). so i'm not going to settle, i'm not going to waste my time, i'm not going to be unproductive, i'm not going to have the same testimony i had in high school, and so on. but, i am going to strive.  strive everyday to make my Heavenly Father the center of my life...and in doing so, great will be my reward. delayed gratification is tough but i can do it because i trust in His plan for me.

Monday, January 9, 2012

recent happy things

its offish, winter semester has begun. daily life now is structured, classes are no longer only about the syllabus and course objectives, and the living is...busy.  but ive had some experiences the past week that make me stop, and appreciate these silly little daily happenings... like talking to one of my best friends who moves to africa tomorrow( ms. mikayla mollica, i love you with all i got and i am so proud of you), making a fool of myself at game night, watching 'once upon a time' at the gym, going to the temple, meeting with one of my professors and talking about Christ's love for his children for an hour, having my guy friends cook us a sunday dinner at their apartment, erica hawkins opening up her mission call to russia (what a spiritual experience that was!), volunteering at the mtc and realizing (yet, again) how badly i want to serve a mission, spending $170 on the cutest new clothes from my work...but using all gift cards and only spending $6 dollars (!!!!), eating yummy food after nick clearwater's farewell, planning our trip to backpack europe in may, eating dinner at the fire house with my loves:brookeally, britt and jordan,  laughing with anne at the chocolate and 7-11, eating lunch with a random guys who just sat with brooke and i then later in the week waving down a car to help us jump my dead car and who was it? none other then the dude from lunch, eating at a restuant called "mama mia" and really missing my sweet mother, singing christmas songs with brooke and jordan at the top of our lungs, yogurtland with brooke and ashton, or sitting in the t.a. office for 2 hours trying to do my math hw but chatting with my t.a. about boys for most of the time, purchasing my first fancy calculator for my finance class ($150 scrillas dub.tee.eff), chatting with my precious rugrat little brother on the phone, sending a selfy mirror shot to my mom showing her i try to look some what cute in college, eating all the oranges i can get my hands on, starting birth control...for my acne..obviously... tmi? oops, getting a 100% on my first quiz, chatting with jr-my most loved special friend, getting more sleep, working out every day, and the list goes on and on and on.  was all that one sentence? yikes! well all in all, life is happy!

date night game night turned social gathering of booyas while
brooke, lily and i entertained (annoyed) with charades.
i look psycho but these desserts are just too good to be real.

fire station, baby

on the roof of the avenues after a temple trip and erica's mission call opening!
i love these three girls the mostest 
my friend sent me this the other day. this is my anticipating
crossing the finish line quick pic at the laguna half marathon last year.  lol.

Friday, January 6, 2012

the hot happenings of winter break

  • new york, obvi.  posts below! 
  • mikayla's besties christmas gathering
  • breakfast with my most beloved, pierce larsen
  • biffles christmas party and the awko taco/hilarious white elephant exchange
  • cameron's christmas rager
  • breakfast with my best best buddy, kea, with andrew and kyle
  • paddle boarding with the fam
  • jacks house/ byes to willie/ rekindling my love with jess, megan and rojo
  • white on white on white shoot with kamee june for her january art piece thingy 
  • surfing with paddle boards with olivia, maddy, skyler and maddy's college friends 
  • attempted indoor rock climbing, sky high, then boomers with sammy and madeline
  • dinner in san clemente with the buds
  • loitering at yogurtland and eating far too many samples with out purchasing anything
  • chatting with mckenzie and brooke until 4am about love/life or the lack of
  • bowl of heaven with mackie...then kiki...then taylor jacobs! always a party bumpin' at BofH
  • K1 racing with my fam, kiki, chasen, globes and tanner.  chase, tanner and blake kicked butt
  • hanging out with the dapper family, sister mccalin and skyer while eating too much chocolate 
  • corky's with the skanks, the sketchy workers outside and olivia exclaiming "shut up" ( had to be there, explaining how she delivered the phrase is impossible).
  • catching up with some pootah friends at rachael's house
  • driving 6 hours to san jose and only being awake for maybe 5 minutes of the drive
  • watching "the help" for the first time.  
  • spending time with my ever so energetic japanese side of the family
  • and now im back here in utah! winter semester is going to be fantastic! its warm! lets do this!