Thursday, September 29, 2011

i'm a workin' lady!

i am officially hired at the cutest store in utah! i've been really missing working/wanting an income so i applied to the store "called to surf."  who knew utah could offer me a surf shop? they sell rvca, roxy, vans, ambsn, and so on...woo! feels like home! i am so stoked right now.
look it up!,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

college at byu is very unique...

...yet it could not be more perfect for me.  here are some reasons why:

we celebrated three of my dear friends birthday's this week by partying our kind of way: playing the game "suck and blow" (i know what you are thinking, i thought it too but turns out its hilarious and completely clean caffeine free fun card game), disco roller skating, chocolate cafe amazingness, and 80s dancing from 9pm-2am! Shout out to the wonderful women they are...kendall blake, rachel simmons and mackyenzie parry!

on friday we had dinner at our cute friend, anne collins's house. her adorable mother made us the most delicious waffles and parfaits.  there is something so comforting about being in a home. then after we went to the byu game. hooray! byu came out victorious against ucf! me and brooke get a.d.d. so we love taking laps around the stadium and drinking out refillable sodas.  after i had a lovely girls night with my besties lily and rachael, consisting of face masks and dear john.

saturday was possibly the best day ever.  it was filled with some of my favorite things: friends, mud/running, skrillex and dancing.  dirty dash (mud run)-our team name was the dirty dancers.  we like to dance, a little too much. anyways, the race was so dang fun! it was a 10k but easy shmeasy cause we jogged, took pictures and enjoyed it to its fullest.  nothing held us back, we were slipping and sliding and diving away! goodness, i just loved it so much.  skrillex- right after the race i went straight to salt lake cause i didnt have time to go back to provo. i took a needed shower and relaxed for a hot second, thanks to jake and his hospitality, way to hook a sista up.  then we got in line at the venue around 4...we were the second group in line...we wanted front row, against the railing...we got  front row, against the railing.  it was beyond words, i cant even describe.  12th planet was actually super good, in my opinion, just as good as skrillex. the set up was unreal, the lighting was mind blowing and the freaking bass was gnarly.  the boys wore these crazy zoo animal masks.  we were buds with the security guards.  willie stage dove. our ears ares still ringing. half of the front row were all sober byu kids having the time of our lives, how unique is that.  we went so hard, i have a big bruise across my rib cage from the railing due to crazy dance moves.  i think i smiled the entire day.


more pictures if you are interested:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

turning that frown upside down

“Things will work out. Keep trying. Be believing. Don’t get discouraged. Things will work out.”

— Gordon B. Hinckley

we all have those days, those days that you need to read quotes like this. i had one of those days yesterday.  it was just a long slumpy day full of bad news, exam reviews ( i really should be studying), girl drama (i know, weird right?) $100 receipts from costco (i never really understood how much simply fruit, vegetables, shampoo/condish, face wash and granola bars cost! geesh! for a college student, finically on her checking account was swiped clean) and other factors that just stunk up my day...but like good ole gordon said, "things will work out."  today was a beautiful day! i slept in a little, i ran, went to the temple, ate a really delicious lunch, hung out with my best friends, talked to my best friends from home, and tonight im going roller skating then to a chocolate restaurant thingy for my lovely friends birthday! i truly have so much to be grateful for.  life is glorious and when those poopy days come along, you gotta tell them to back off cause everyday is a blessing we have been given and i dont plan on wasting any of them! 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

weekend extravaganzas

first home football game vs utah. unfortunately we came out defeated...54-10...yikes, but it was still a total blast (especially when we found out our meal cards works for the concessions) 
rise and shout the cougars are out! 

mr. willie griffith was called to serve in the denver north mission reporting december 29th.   i am so proud of him

booya camping! we have new camping grounds...the yurt (resembling a mongolian hut).  we usually always go to our infamous camping location in midway but we tried something new this trip.  this place was unreal, so stinkin beautiful.  we ventured around, roasted weenies and massive shmellows, and talked about snowboarding all...night...long (literally every topic would lead to snowboarding-the brands, the binding, the styles, the resorts, the pros, the movies, the outfits, the lifts, the tricks, etc. these boys are a little too pumped for the season) love camping, love my booyas. 

 BYUs pep rally was off the heezey.  jimmer was in attendance.  we came, we sang, we growled, we cheered. go cougs! watch out university of utah, byu is pepped!

area 51.

80s (ladies night) with  kendall, anne, erika, mccall and mackynzie was freakin fun. we killed it, all night long.  the place was bumpin with drag queens, denim speedo man, tank top tool bags, a few questionable aged males and females and some killer 80s outfits.  sometimes i think i was meant to be born in the 80s.  the bright colors, electronicy beats, big hair, and corky vibes are so dang rad.  i love thursday 80s night. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


 i was just notified that this video was on youtube and i had no idea! my sweet mother planned a surprise for me and my dad to go skydiving on my 18th birthday and it was the raddest thing! i was way too excited to get nervous.  i've always had the dream to dance on every continent and after this, i added skydive in every continent to the list!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

i'm a blogger now.

i feel like i should write a "hello blog world, im avery" type of post.  i got a little carried away when i first made the blog, so here it goes.  through out high school i was anti-blog, facebook was good enough for me. then a few days ago i was persuaded to get a not really my thing.  i deactivated it today.  now, here i am. im a huge journal writer/picture fanatic/quote lover so i think im gonna stick with this whole blog dealio.  i am a student at brigham young university, i live with and across from my best friends (our dorm is the coolest dorm you've ever seen-pictures to come), i love that i go to a school where dance parties are the hot thing to do, i am currently training for my 4th half marathon in october, i miss my family, my friends, the beach, and bowl of heaven but i am so busy that it never gets me down.  infact, nothing gets me down.  i am happy as ever and couldn't be more thankful.

cave hiking.

josh, landon, brooke, ally and i planned on going on a nice little night hike.  this hike turned into quite the climb up a vertical mountain, where we discovered caves. we had to army crawl for a good 30 ft. to reach the caves (it was so narrow i couldn't put both arms forward, for my shoulders couldn't fit).  it was a tight squeeze, definitely a closterfobic's nightmare. we got sorta split up and we ending up having the best girl talk ever. those cave walls will forever hold our secrets, our vents and our dreams of the future. provo is beautiful.