Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 will go down as my most memorable year of my life...

...and through pictures, this is why
(they are in backwards order...i tried to flip flop it but it wouldn't work)
i am so thankful for everything that happened in 2011
happy new years! 

happy new years!

i love my bachan and jichan's house

annual christmas jubilee!

new york city at christmas time!

b. mosman's birthday celebrations

kooks concert and attacking them after
fourth half marathon!

mud run!

lily's 19th!

surprise trip home for homecoming!

road trip to boulder, colorado

bruce's baptism

byu football games

90's dancing

meeting blink 182


european cruise!

goodbyes to missionaries 

booya camping

oc fair

road trip home with college besties

byu summer term 


family disneyland trips!

san diego with my loves!

senior luau

senior activities 

twin day

san clemente days

sammy's baptism

camp pendleton mud run

asb banquet 

college day/ 3rd period asb


the musical with this babe

best surprise birthday 

skydiving with my dad on my 18th birthday

mock crash 

the construction of the these bad boys!

passion pit 

days at the golden spoon 
room 711/ my home for all fours at t.h.s.


trip to orlando to visit britt/mulan/pocohantos



acceptance to byu


tesoro's winter formal

washington d.c.

san clemente's winter formal
hip hip hooray for life!