Thursday, October 18, 2012

happy recent happenings

my life has been a shambled masterpiece over the past monthish
i have two jobs, i'm taking 17 credits and i...try to have a social life. 
but here are some happy times amongst the all the craziness...

east coast BBQ. im wearing kate spade, can you believe it? preppy avery L.O.L.

love me some 80s skating with the ward!

i couldnt be more thankful for the girls i live with. they're just the best, ever. 

paying attention in class is a challenge.  i get distracted, okay!

f'real fans right here! 

conferencing with these cuties!
this weekend will forever be remembered and im so happy to have shared it with these lovely people 

 im a mom! FHE mom! and we have festive mondays!
im lovin being the "mother" to these fun friends and getting to know them better!

 kendall, nicole and i got to get away for a night in sundance
i love these girls and this season too much!

i got to walk in a Gap fashion show!! AND got to keep the shoes! yipe!

blacked out babes. we still have faith in you, cougs! 

syd+al= nothing but love and laughter
oh ya and we are obsessed with the show revenge...and each other

coconut oil hair treatment! i had to try this trendy trick out! 

being under laughing gas for 4 hours experience? 

nolan, my long lost lover came to visit me and we walked and talked and gosh i love him 

my chilean missionary friend sent me this from a local market! i was thrilled! 
thoughtful little nick nacks are my absolute fav

life is wonderful!
i am thriving off a million different emotions 
and i look towards the future with the worlds biggest smile!
i've realized that when we rid ourselves of all our worries or stresses and just completely put our trust in the Lord, FABULOUS things seems to work out perfectly.  
im a shaken soda can of excitement and in the coming weeks, i'm gonna explode! 
just a warning ;)